What we believe in


We believe in a clean environment.

That's why we recycle basketballs and design unique bags. Sustainable and fair.

In Germany, each of us produces four times more CO2 than the earth can handle.

That is twice as much as the global average.

But sustainable consumption is possible. We source our materials from local schools and associations and plant a tree for every product sold. A Bal Designs bag is not only climate neutral but has a positive CO2 balance.

Climate protection

1 bag = 1 tree

Trees are one of the most efficient means against climate change. They absorb carbon and store it for centuries. A single mangrove binds over 12 kg of CO2 per year. That is why we plant one mangrove for every product sold.


Eden Reforestation Projects

Every year, Eden Reforestation Projects plants millions of trees and helps people out of extreme poverty. In Ethiopia, Madagascar, Nepal, Indonesia, Kenya and Central America, Eden hires people from local communities and helps them build a life.

We are transparent, proud of what we do and of everyone who works with us